The CS100 is a future-oriented control system that resulted from an exhaustive in-house research and development process. It combines Apollo’s proven process engineering with the latest software technology.

The CS100 controls the entire hot asphalt production process. Operators are comfortable with the system because of its dynamic plant view and display of key operating values. The user-friendly CS100 makes it easy to operate the plant and monitor essential functionalities, parameter optimisation, calibration, easy recipe handling and diagnostics. The system’s intuitiveness makes it simple to learn without extensive training, so even inexperienced operators can safely run it.



The CS100 provides a detailed production protocol, day reporting and a variety of statistics regarding operation, productivity and component consumption. The protocols and predefined statistics can be automatically converted into a PDF and systematically archived.

The system’s hardware has been designed and tested for use in tough environments. The proven field bus system and rugged industrial PC ensures a reliable plant process signal exchange. Faults can be detected efficiently and rectified through diagnostic tools.