KLM 1200

The KLM 1200 is an ergonomically designed, easy-to-operate, slip form curb-laying machine. Its features enable the placement of curbs that are straight, level and precisely shaped. The machine, which can lay continuous curbs of 600 mm by 800 mm, is mounted on steel tracks to ensure maximum stability and gradeability. It can work at a pace of 180 metres per hour.

The KLM 1200 has a side-mounted mould that is essential when working in varied applications. The machine also utilises quick-change mould profiles, which ensure fast and easy replacements that typically take less than 30 minutes.

It features a dedicated drive pump; a world-class torque hub with heat-treated sprockets and an easy track adjuster; an automated, single-point electronic sensor system that controls grade, steering and cross slope; and fully variable vibrators that adapt to different slump levels in the concrete mix.

The engine is a 58-hp, four-cylinder, four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine perfectly suited to the application. Manual override enables operator control under all conditions. The machine can be transported with a standard trailer and a pickup truck.


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Benefits at a Glance

The KLM 1200 is integrated with a host of built-in features for enhanced productivity and a wide range of applications. It is equipped with a heavy-duty, field-proven engine; world-class hydraulic components; and an intuitive control system. It is the ultimate machine in its class in meeting production and application needs.

Hydrostatic Drive

The KLM 1200 is mounted on steel tracks to ensure maximum stability and gradeability. A dedicated drive pump with a world-class torque hub, heat-treated sprockets and an easy track adjuster ensure that there is no stopping of the machine – or your productivity and profits.

A technically advanced, hydrostatic, direct-traction drive eliminates the need for a large number of mechanical drivetrain components, thereby ensuring lower maintenance costs and smoother operation.


The KLM 1200 is equipped with fully proportional automatic electronic controls. The automatic steering control guides the front of the machine for precise alignment. The grade controller positions respective lift cylinders for precise grade. A slope control positions the rear lift cylinder to maintain precise slope. The automatic controls are also supplied with manual overrides and are easy to operate and adjust.

Quick-Change Mould Design

The KLM 1200 is supplied with quick-change mechanical moulds that can be replaced in 30 minutes or less.

Operation and Access

Operation is easy with the KLM 1200’s fingertip controls. The operator has exceptional sight lines to the formed concrete, enabling quick adjustment of speed and vibration when necessary. The machine’s design enables easy access to machine components.

Capacity Maximum 600 mm (W) x 450 mm (H) *
Engine Yanmar or equivalent – 27 KW ( 36 HP) @  3000 RPM
Wheels / Tracks 4 nos. of tyres at the rear mounted on heavy duty rims
Rocker beam mounted on steel tracks for consistent grade control and stability
Hopper Capacity 0.5 cubic meters
Electrical System 12 Volts D.C.
Steering Power steering with proportionate controls
Sensors Fully proportional sensor controls for grade, line and slope with remote slop setting
Vibrators 2 nos. hydraulic needle vibrators wih pressure compensated controllers.
Braking system Through planetary gear box with integrated hydro mtor and brake
Operational controls Fully automatic controls with manual overide
Speed Operating – 2/3 meters /minute Travel – 15.5 meters/minute
Components Hydraulic components from Bosch/Rexroth or equivalent
Hydrailic filters- Rexroth/Filtrec
Sensors  – Danfoss Power Solutions / Moba
Servo Valves – Danfoss Power Solutions
Needle vibraors- Minnich/Wyco
Shipping Dimesions ( L x W x H) 3750 mm x 2275 mm x 1700 mm
Shipping Weight 3850 Kg
Maximum Performances can not be obtained simultaneously.
With Ammann Apollo’s policy of constant upgrdation of products, specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Accessories shown are optional and ae not part of the standard supply