DrumMix 60–120

Apollo DrumMix Plants have produced millions of tonnes of asphalt around the world. DrumMix 60-90-120 parallel flow plants combine value  with quality, productivity, efficiency and uptime.

  • Highlights

  • Specifications

  • Fully automatic, remote-controlled burner units are fuel efficient and easy to operate
  • Complete automatic process control with system interlocks ensures conformance to safety standards
  • Unique flight design ensures total heat transfer, thorough mixing and coating, and prevention of bitumen oxidation
  • Fully computerised controls utilise on-board electric control console, distribution switchboard and automatic process and sequence controls
Capacity 60–120 t/h
Drum diameter 1200 –1800 mm
Drum length 6000–7300 mm
Hot mix storage silo 14 / 2x 14 m³