WetMix 100–250

Apollo WetMix 100–250 Plants combine outstanding quality with low investment and operating costs. Quality is delivered through a variety of anti-segregation efforts, including thorough and uniform mixing. Hydraulic clamshell gates and quick-discharging storage silos also help fight segregation.

Ownership costs are minimised through paddle arms and tips that utilise wear-resistant steel. Heavy-duty bearings extend shaft life and help deliver homogenous mixes, too. The plants’ intuitive controls ensure operators of all experience levels succeed.

  • Highlights

  • Specifications

  • Adjustable calibrated gate openings for consistency
  • Fixed or variable speed drives for belt feeders
  • Anti-segregation GOB hopper to minimise spilling and expedite truck loading
  • Quick-discharge storage silos to reduce segregation and enable quick assembly and relocation
  • Pug mill unit design for fast, continuous, homogenous mixing
  • Wear-resistant steel on paddle arms and tips for long life
Capacity 100–250 t/h
Storage Silo 25 t