AP 800

This AP 800 Track Mounted Paver Finisher offers good traction even while working on difficult terrain. The parts of AP 800 are economically priced assuring the lowersdt product life cycle cost to the customer.

AP 800 is equipped with the hydrostatic TV 4900 screed, enabling paving widths of up to 7 m with mechanical bolt on extension boxes. The tamping and vibration arrangement is in line with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT & H), Govt. of India and accepted international specifications.

A modern Moba dashboard is mounted on the AP 800 paver, enabling the operator simple machine control and easy understanding of all machine functions.



  • Highlights

  • Specifications

  • Independent drive for conveyor & augur for better operation, longer life & less maintenance.
  • Independent direct Hydraulic transmission drive in each track.
  • MOBA Dashboard for ease of operation & precision.
  • MOBA sonic controller for auger & conveyor.
  • Long Life heavy Duty alloy steel Slat Conveyor.
  • Larger Hopper Capacity of 10 Tons.
  • 350mm(14”) wide Track Pads for Higher Life, Better Stability & Wide Paving.
  • 3 Point Suspension track for smooth riding.
  • Cam lock, swinging type operating console for a quick changing over from LH to RH & vice Versa.
  • Slinding height adjustment for augur drive.
  • Swinging console.
  • Hardox material for screed plate & pan plate for low wear.
  • Lifting arrangements for bolt on extensions.
  • Forward/Reverse system arrangement for conveyor & augur.
  • Tiltable canopy for easy transportation.

Hydrostatic screed

  • AP 800 is offered with TV 4900 hydrostatic screed
  • Basic screed width of 2.5 metres.
  • Hydraulically extendable to 4.90 metres.
  • Mechanical extensions offered to facilitate paving width up to 7 metres.
  • The tamping and vibration arrangement is in line with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT & H), Govt. of India and accepted international specifications

Hydrostatic Controls

  • Variable displacement pump with servo control – one each for individual track drive.
  • 2 units of variable displacement pump with servo control for independent feeder drive.
  • Fixed displacement pump for vibrator / tamper circuit with flow control valves for frequency adjustment.
  • Centralized pressure line filters for long life and less frequent replacements
  • Remote controlled solenoid with function check LED to assist system diagnosis
  • The steering and transmission are hydraulically controlled.

Proven Technology
Over 2000 Apollo machines are in operation in India and abroad and 12–15 units are delivered each month. This is manifestation of a high level of customer acceptance of the proven technology of Apollo Hydrostatic Sensor Pavers.

Accurate Grade and Slope control
The latest European technology electronic grade and slope control sensing device offers accuracy levels meeting international standards.

Long Life
The sturdy constructions using quality components mean years of trouble free performance even under adverse conditions. The product life cycle cost is the lowest in Industry.

Prompt After Sale Service
A team of trained service personnel at factory / regional / branch / dealer locations provide prompt after sale service. This is supported by a high service level on the spare parts front, thereby ensuring high up time.

Model AP800
Operating Height-A 3.35m
Height with Tiltable Canopy-A1 2.84m
Shipping Height w/o Canopy-A2 2.62m
Length–B 6.56m
Operating Width –C 3.16m
Shipping Width – D 2.62m
Truck Dumping Clearance – E 0.55m
Frame Plate Thickness 16mm
Prime Mover
Power 124.3KW @ 2300rpm
Electrical system 12 VDC
Type of Cooling Water cooled
Track rail D3
Suspension Three point
Track Shoe Width – F 350mm(14″)
Track Shoe Bolt on type
Track Roller Single and Double flange type
Track Drive system Direct
Fuel Tank Capacity 132 Ltr.
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 210 Ltr.
Weight 18750Kg
Turning Radius Inner 3m
Laying Capacity 600 TPH
Paving Thickness 10 – 305mm
Paving Speed m/min 0-40
Travel Speed Km/hr 0–6
Hopper Capacity (approx.) 10t
Auger Highly Wear resisting steel casting dia. 407mm 20mm thickness
Feed tunnel Width 600mm
Conveyor floor plate material & thickness Wear resisting steel 12mm.
Feed control system 2 nos. Sonic On-Off type MOBA make
Auger Control system 2 nos. Sonic Proportional type MOBA make
Auger lowest position from ground – G 136mm
Auger Height Adjustment 101.6mm
Auger and Conveyor drive Independent
Screed TV 4900
Screed Basic Width 2.55m
Infinite Variable Extension 2.55m to 4.90m
With Bolt On Extension Max 6.5m/7m
Screed weight main 3220kg
Bolt on extension weight 800mm 330kg
Bolt on extension weight 1050mm 380kg
Crown -2.5 to + 4.5 %
Gradient Slope 10 % Gradient Slope
Screed Vibration 25-54Hz
Tamping (4mm Stroke) 12-29Hz
Screed Plate 350mm x 15mm Wear Resistant
Screed Heaters 10 nos.Propane
Foot Rest Foldable
Operating Station Dual Station
Brake Negative hydraulic
Sensor for Grade and slope control Moba Controls
Sensor Device
Grade and slope control Moba Controls
Grade control Ultrasonic type
Power output On/Off Type
Grade control measuring range (+/-)70mm
Obtainable accuracy for grade (+/-)1mm
Slope control measuring range (+/-)10%
Obtainable accuracy for slope (+/-)0.05%
Enclosure protection IP54
Frame Structure
Canopy Frame Tiltable
Safety devices in built pressure relief valves
Make/type of Pumps and Motors Sauer Danfoss or equivalent