Apollo  brooms are for cleaning of surface before application of tack coat or laying of new HMA but not capable to cleaning the existing roads. The brooms have got storage tank of 175 KG and broom width is 2.2 meters. The brooming speed is 10-15 km/hr.

Mechanical Brooms :
The Broom is attached generally to the back of a tractor. The broom is mounted on 2 wheels. It is raised or lowered manually and the broom rotates as it gets coupled to the two wheels on which the unit is mounted. When in operation; it is lowered and the Broom shaft is coupled to its own wheel drive and the broom works to collect all the dust, debris and waste material in to the dust bin behind it. This Broom is carried to a pit where the dust bin is opened and the waste collected is disposed in the pit with the operating the manual lever.

Hydraulic Brooms :
In the Hydraulic Broom the Broom is mounted on two wheels with the entire unit being towed by a tractor. However, the circular motion of the Broom is achieved hydraulically; the Hydraulic Pump coupled with the Tractor Engine. Raising and lowering of the Broom is also a hydraulic function. The dust, debris and waste material gets collected in the waste bin and disposed into a pit with the opening of the manual lever.

  • Highlights

Benefits at a glance:

  • An attachment on tractor or behind the bitumen pressure distributor.
  • Chassis and linkage holder are entirely made of steel.
  • Dimension to suit for transportation on all type of vehicles.
  • Sweeping job is done in the forward direction, same as the machine.
  • Gives good visibility to the operator by use of Anti Dust Guards.
  • Screws for adjustment of pressure on the brush.