KLM 40

The KLM 40 is a versatile, compact curb-casting machine. It works on the extrusion principle and is driven by the force that results from ramming action. The machine is designed for laying curbs of 450 mm by 450 mm, even with zero slump concrete. It is fast, too, with an ability to work at a pace of 100 metres per hour. It features quick-change mould profiles, which ensure fast and easy replacements that typically take less than 30 minutes.

The KLM 40 is mounted on pneumatic tyres, and it utilises a low-noise, low-maintenance 16-hp petrol engine with electronic ignition.  Other features include an automatic sensor for steering and height controls that follow the reference line.

The Quick Change Mould Profile facility ensures fast and easy replacements as quick as 30 minutes. These curb-casting machines are capable of providing a single pass operation with excellent operating speed of 100 meter/hour.

  • Highlights

  • Specifications


  • Capacity to pave up to 400 mm height and 400 mm width
  • Operating speed of 30-40 m/h
  • Features a low-noise, low-maintenance 12 kW petrol engine with electronic ignition


  • Single-pass operation
  • Ability to feed machine from transit mixer or flat bed trucks
  • Quick-change mould design
  • Automatic sensor for steering and height controls that follow reference line


  • Apollo’s team understands the demanding job site requirements and provides total curbing solutions
  • Expertise of Apollo team ensures product’s quality and performance
  • KLM 40 is at multiple project sites with a variety of curbing applications, supported by the team of experts from Apollo and performing to the full satisfaction of the customers
Engine 16 HP Petrol Engine
Width 1150 mm
Length (w/o Mould) 1920 mm
Lenth (with Mould) 2700 mm
Height 1010 mm
Weight with Mould 900 kg
Steering Control Auto/Manual
Height Control Auto/Manual
Turning Radius 2.4 m
Accuracy + – 3-5 mm
Compaction Method Ramming
Moulds Bolt on MS moulds to specifications.  Max.  Of 400 mm of height and width. *
Accessories String line and holders, finishing tools, Cutting tools.
*others for curb heights of more than 400 mm on request.